Posted by Phil Norris on Apr 23, 2019 10:31:13 AM

How do you develop skills? Practice, practice, practice – and the only way to do this right is with simulators! This was the message Professors Shiyi Chen, Jian Li, Bing Qiu, Yong Hu and Niklaus Friederich shared with colleagues and attendees at the 2019 Asia-Pacific Knee Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Society (APKASS) and the 16th International Forum on Orthopedic Sports Medicine (IFOSMA)'s annual conference in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China.

During a keynote speech session, titled "Virtually Reality Technology Application in Arthroscopy Education", experts discussed embedding arthroscopy simulation into the orthopedic educational pathway in Switzerland, France and Germany.


Professors Shiyi Chen and Jian Li opened the session and discussion on the future of simulation in medical education. Professor Niklaus Friederich presented the use of arthroscopy simulation in training and evaluation of orthopedic residents in Switzerland.


Martina Vitz, PhD, presented VirtaMed's ArthroS™ and with Professor Yong Hu they shared insights into VR simulation education during a real-time role play in front of attendees.


Professors Bing Qiu, President of Guizhou Sport Medicine physician society, and Niklaus Friederich, University of Basel, during the plenary discussion. The conclusion was clear: simulation opens many opportunities to improve and scale training if successfully integrated into curricula.

DSC_2203VirtaMed's ArthroS was present for a dinner of arthroscopy experts to celebrate the positive impact that simulation has on training, demonstrating that the simulator really can be used everywhere.

DSC_2514Raimundo Sierra, PhD, Co-CEO of VirtaMed, welcomed experts to share their experiences with simulation during dinner. He expressed his gratitude for being invited to such a prestigious event and reiterated VirtaMed's commitment to supporting medical education with the best simulators. 

Dr Sierra concluded, "We are honored that so many international key opinion leaders value our products and see the potential for simulation-based education. We look forward to continuing the various collaborations initiated at this great event."


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