Posted by Erin Zimmerman on Oct 26, 2018 2:40:36 PM

The theme for this year’s ASRM Congress was ‘Focused on the Next Generation,’ which included a closer look at advancements in simulation technology. In particular, the Congress attendees and exhibitors alike focused on how this technology is capable of advancing reproductive medicine and medical education.

Simulation training is increasingly becoming an accepted part of any surgeon’s learning curriculum. This year, aspiring and seasoned surgeons had a host of opportunities to try their hands at simulation, both on ASRM’s Embryo Transfer simulator as well as on VirtaMed’s GynoS™ hysteroscopy simulator. For those seeking a more in-depth introduction to simulation, there was a full-day  hysteroscopy and laparoscopy course which included a half-day of  hands-on simulator-based skills development.

More intensive opportunities to use simulation-based training could be found during the half-day ‘Procedure and Technique for Embryo Transfer in Humans’ course. This course, taught using ARSM’s Embryo Transfer Simulator, which was developed in collaboration with VirtaMed. There is currently no standardized embryo transfer training method, and ASRM’s ETSim™ incorporates ASRM’s protocols with state-of-the-art virtual reality technology to provide the best possible training experience. In addition to standardizing training, this course sought to address the the widespread gaps in training for embryo transfer.

According to ASRM CEO Dr. med. Richard H. Reindollar, “Nearly 50% of our fellows training to be IVF specialists have historically received little or no training in embryo transfer because of the importance of this final step in the IVF process and the difficulty in allowing trainees to perform it on patients for the first time.” The availability of a simulator allows trainees to practice simulated transfers with varying degrees of difficulty in a safe and risk-free environment, prior to using their skills in a clinical setting.

For those wishing to take their training to the next level. ASRM also offers an Embryo Transfer Certificate Course. These courses start with an online component and conclude with a hands-on simulation training workshop covering basic principles of, and techniques for, embryo transfer. Workshops are held throughout the year, with the New York Regional Workshops scheduled for February 2019, and the Midwest (Chicago) and Southwest (Dallas) Regional Workshops scheduled for later in 2019.

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