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“VirtaMed provides us with a wide range of top-class products. That is, of course, both challenging and exciting. We can offer unrivalled level of simulation to our customers that they won't achieve with any other offers."

-Dr. Alexander Kolysh, CEO of Intermedica

Dr. Kolysh, CEO of IntermedicaWhat are the key benefits for companies worldwide partnering up with VirtaMed? How does such a company’s portfolio change and evolve once a VirtaMed medical training simulator comes into the picture?

Dr. Alexander Kolysh, CEO of Intermedica, one of VirtaMed’s most distinguished Sales Partners in the EMEA region, provides first-hand insights based on the long-term successful cooperation.

Founded and well established in Russia, Intermedica has been equipping healthcare clinical and educational institutions with high quality medical equipment and medical simulation devices, software and turn-key solutions for more than 26 years.

Collaboration with VirtaMed was initiated in 2012 at a medical fair in Germany when the company representatives met and organized a hands-on session on a VirtaMed simulator. As a matter of interest, Intermedica followed the progress of VirtaMed much beforehand, since VirtaMed’s early development, notes Dr. Kolysh. After the initial experience on the simulator and meeting face-to-face, working together was a further logical step, reinforced by the interest in the field of simulation shared by both companies and opportunities recognized in this domain.

Going forward to this day, Dr. Kolysh explains that the partnership brought in some exceptional opportunities on the Russian market,

“VirtaMed simulators are now presented in the most prominent simulation centers in different Russian regions. Just as an example let me name the Botkin Hospital Medical Simulation Center. This is, probably, one of the largest, most active and well-equipped centers of the Russian Federation. This is the place where the majority of doctors from the entire Moscow city get their regular accreditation.”

Dr. Kolysh explains how the company’s perception of medical training simulators changed over the years of collaboration with VirtaMed.

“Since the last 7 years we have been more and more convinced that simulation practice must be an essential part not only of the training, but of the assessment as well. And this assessment must be a part of the medical development process, like the driving license exam, letting young doctor proceed further on working with patients.”

Looking into the future, Dr. Kolysh emphasizes that working closer with governmental structures is the primary area to focus efforts for medical training simulators to be further established in the Healthcare System.

“Government can implement […] obligate rules and requirements for simulation training and assessment. First virtual simulators were presented more than two or three decades ago – and despite their obvious advantages, this technology is still underestimated and underused. Legal regulations and requirements can change it dramatically.”

When asked to reflect on what has been particularly favourable during the partnership from VirtaMed’s side, Dr. Kolysh states,

“Clear vision of own path, constant movement forward along this path, unstoppable development. And, of course, all other “traditional” Swiss values like quality, reliability, internal structure consistency.”

According to him, the key difference between working with other competing companies is the distinguished sense of deep responsibility that VirtaMed demonstrates.

“Not like some other VR providers, the VirtaMed company always provides 100% ready, tested and validated products, highly realistic, very precise. No pre-releases, no beta-versions, no test-trials.”

As a conclusion, from his leading Sales Partner perspective, Dr. Kolysh explains crucial criteria to be considered when choosing a company to enter, but also maintain a successful sales partnership with,

“Today’s highly competitive and glance-quick changing world demands substantial number of requirements. To mention just some of them: constant innovations, reliable partnership, mutual trust, long-term strategy, clinical (medical) expertise. Those all can be referred to VirtaMed.“

We look forward to many years of successful partnership with Intermedica ahead.


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