Posted by Lindsey Grant on Oct 23, 2018 8:12:13 AM

"You can really train without hesitation, as much as you want, and you immediately get an evaluation. All at once." This was one resident's reaction to training on VirtaMed's ArthroS™ surgical simulator at a recent congress for arthroscopy residents and surgeons in Germany. Said another, "[S]imulator training gives you a certain routine and standard for knee and shoulder arthroscopies."

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Conference attendees had the opportunity to access a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic pathologies, be tested on the specific skills needed to master arthroscopic surgery, and use original instruments as they would in the OR. They did this using the ArthroS™ knee, shoulder, and FAST (fundamentals of arthroscopy skills training) modules, responding to everything from the realism of the graphics and authenticity of the haptic feedback to the utility of a standard curriculum for arthroscopy training.

Such enthusiasm for simulation training as a means of reaching proficiency prior to treating a patient extended to senior surgeons as well. Dr. med Stephan Reppenhagen of König-Ludwig-Haus Würzburg endorsed simulation training, commented on the versatility of the cases, the value in training with original instruments, and the importance of practicing in a risk-free environment. "I think it makes sense to train on a simulator before operating on a patient because you can make mistakes on a simulator, which would otherwise hurt, or at the very least endanger, the patient."

Watch Dr. Repprenhagen's full testimonial below. 

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 As representatives from VirtaMed attend DKOU in Berlin this week, we look forward to observing yet more residents and senior surgeons using the ArthroS™ and sharing their impressions with us. Stay tuned for their reactions!

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