Le simulateur d'échographie VirtaMed GynoS™ apporte une aide dans le maintien de la formation

Jul 6, 2020

Pour la période d’un mois, les internes en gynécologie-obstétrique à l’hôpital Simone Veil bénéficient du simulateur d'échographie VirtaMed GynoS™. Ce simulateur a été mis à la dis...

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Virtual Endoscopic Simulation and Surgical Skills Lab at the Cairo Kasr Al Aini School of Medicine

Mar 12, 2020

Ahmed El-Minawi, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Cairo Kasr Al Aini School of Medicine, has recently inaugurated a new simulation and surgical skills lab (VESSALKA) a...

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Why virtual reality simulation should be in every company's sales strategy

Jan 29, 2020

For companies launching new medical devices, the challenge is how to bring the commercial team and healthcare practitioners up to speed on unique product features. With a plethora ...

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VirtaMed’s Obstetric Ultrasound Simulator makes its European debut at the ISUOG World Congress

Oct 14, 2019

VirtaMed’s new Obstetric Ultrasound simulator incorporates the ISUOG 20+2 protocol for examining mid-trimester fetuses. This rigorous anatomical review requires clinicians to asses...

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VirtaMed GynoS™ hysteroscopy simulator supports the SCGP Master Classes

Aug 6, 2019

" In terms of hysteroscopy training, I am convinced that the VirtaMed GynoS™ simulator is the most relevant solution available on the market. It is the presence of VirtaMed that al...

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Le simulateur d’hystéroscopie VirtaMed GynoS™ soutient les Master Class de la SCGP

Jul 23, 2019

« En termes de formation en hystéroscopie, je suis convaincu que le simulateur VirtaMed GynoS™ est la solution la plus pertinente qui existe sur le marché. C'est la présence de Vir...

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From a Sales Partner angle: Why VirtaMed simulators make a difference for your portfolio

Jul 16, 2019

“VirtaMed provides us with a wide range of top-class products. That is, of course, both challenging and exciting. We can offer unrivalled level of simulation to our customers that ...

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ASRM Embraces the Future with its Virtual-Reality Embryo Transfer Simulator

Oct 26, 2018

The theme for this year’s ASRM Congress was ‘Focused on the Next Generation,’ which included a closer look at advancements in simulation technology. In particular, the Congress att...

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Focusing on the Next Generation at ASRM 2018

Oct 9, 2018

On Sunday, the 7th of October, VirtaMed was proud to support one of the twenty-four Pre-Congress courses at the 2018 ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo in Denver, Colorado, USA. T...

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On Simulation and Synergy: A Conversation with Sales Partner J.S. EVRO

Sep 25, 2018

"The biggest difference between working with VirtaMed and other companies is the trust, support, and fantastic relationship that VirtaMed and J.S. EVRO had from the start and conti...

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Simulators and Teen Pregnancy Rates in the USA: A Surprising Connection

Jul 20, 2018

Simulators and Teen Pregnancy Rates in the USA: A Surprising Connection January 30, 2018 Though long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) like intrauterine devices, or IUDs, ar...

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LARCs Across the Pond: IUD Trends in Europe

Jul 20, 2018

LARCs Across the Pond: IUD Trends in Europe May 7, 2018 LARCs[1] (long-acting reversible contraceptives) are proven to be the most effective reversible means of preventing pregnanc...

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